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Star's Portal
What is Star's Portal?

Star's Portal is a personal/public resource website and blog for Starcript (Stars.)

Personal Blog is mostly tech related but will be about general topics including Linux, Photography, Network Security, and a few personal interests (e.g. LSD Dream Emulator.)
Resource section will contain example configuration files for common Linux Applications as well as a large personal collections of Wallpapers, Movies (non-copyrighted), and probably some Music that I like. Although this section is functional and you can view and download files, I don't have anything on there other than a couple configs and dotfiles. Eventually I will get around to organizing all the data that I have.
Photography section contains interesting scenes and landscapes caught throughout daily life. Not sure where this will be going, but everything is a work in progress. Photography is something I don't do often, and is just a passtime, so none of my photos I would consider "professional" quality.

Please check back for updates to the site in the Recent Updates sections for a list of changes. I have been busy with other things lately, so I updates and changes will be sparse.
A feedback address will be posted for reccomendations and changes to the site.

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