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What is Star's Portal?

Star's Portal is a personal/public resource website and blog for Starcript (Stars.)

Personal Blog is mostly tech related but will be about general topics including Linux, Photography, Network Security, and a few personal interests (e.g. LSD Dream Emulator.)
Resource section will contain example configuration files for common Linux Applications as well as a large personal collections of Wallpapers, Movies (non-copyrighted), and probably some Music that I like. Although this section is functional and you can view and download files, I don't have anything on there other than a couple configs and dotfiles. Eventually I will get around to organizing all the data that I have.
Photography section contains interesting scenes and landscapes caught throughout daily life. Not sure where this will be going, but everything is a work in progress. Photography is something I don't do often, and is just a passtime, so none of my photos I would consider "professional" quality.

Please check back for updates to the site in the Recent Updates sections for a list of changes. I have been busy with other things lately, so I updates and changes will be sparse.
A feedback address will be posted for reccomendations and changes to the site.

Last Blog Post
Review of my Workstation
A rewritten blog post explaing the different components in my workstation and why I chose them.
A while ago when I was first starting development on this website, I finished the blog section on the site and wrote my first serious blog post following the building of my first workstation. However, I then had the problem with php-fpm which I posted about he... Read more
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Recent Updates

Stars has been gone for a while. Created By Stars On 2020-12-08

Finally a big content update! I have (mostly) finished the photo's page of my website, as well as started working on the resources page.
The photo's page is comprised of a dashboard, which is meant to present the latest photo's uploaded as well as the featured photo, and gallery of my liking. Other functionality includes viewing all photo's or galleries, as well as viewing them individually. I may make a search bar to look up a specific image although currently there is nowhere near enough photo's for that to be needed. So maybe in the future!
The resources page is ready to view all the files that I choose to upload to the website. Although, I still need to start uploading files considering the only files on the server right now are the photo's that I have uploaded.

That is all for now, check back soon for new features added to the site!
Created By Stars On 2020-07-18

I am finally starting on the photo section, I am happy with how everything is going right so far! I don't know why I didn't just do this before, obviously I was just lazy.

Check out the updates page for what I'm going to be working on next. Created By Stars On 2020-07-04

I have been putting off updating the design for the photos page because I have been so incredibly lazy, depressed and whatnot. I think I need to start drinking more caffeine!
Hopefully the website will be updated in the next week or so. Or another couple of months, who knows. Created By Stars On 2020-02-21

Updates page has been finished for the most part, there may be some minor detail changes but it will do for now.
For more information on what I am working on please give the page a look. There will soon be a detailed list of what I am currently working on, as well as what I am planning for the future, and possibly a timeline. Although, there probably wont be a need for one. Created By Stars On 2019-12-23

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