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Welcome to Star's Photography!

Welcome to the photography section of my website!
Here I will post photo's that I take on my random life adventures. As explained on the front page of the website, don't expect anything too special considering I am incredibly amateur with the photo's I take as this is really only for the programming exercises. Although, I do enjoy taking pictures of interesting scenes, and it will help with the blog posts I make so I can back up my information with visual media!

Featured Gallery
Deep Green Moss 2018-10-27
IMG_0712.JPG 2019-04-10
IMG_0776.JPG 2019-09-11
Slesse Park 2019-09-25
Bench Forest #2 2019-09-25
Elk Mountain #1 2019-09-25
Elk Mountain #2 2019-09-25
Quad Bridge 2020-06-14
Forest Outlook 2020-06-12
Slesse Creek 2020-04-06
Latest Photo's
IMG_1489.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1487.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1486.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1480.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1479.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1476.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1475.JPG 2020-10-12
IMG_1474.JPG 2020-10-12
Frosty Fern 2020-07-04
Copper the Dog 2020-07-25
Close-Up Copper 2020-07-25
Cool Flower 2020-08-01
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