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A description on why I made this site, and what I plan to do with it.
Hello World!

My name is Stars. I have started this website because of a couple reasons, and that's mainly because of boredom. And creating this website is a great way to curb this feeling that I am not wasting my time. So far, I think it has been working! Here in the blog section of this website I will post content such as stories, interesting pieces of information regarding my interests, and maybe the odd opinion here and there. I will also write about places I go around the Lower Mainland, and Greater Vancouver in B.C. Canada, then explain the photos I take on my adventures when I have any. I am currently attending university so my scheduled development time on this website is quite low, so this website will be updated occasionally. I am currently aiming to push an update on this monthly (yearly at this point,) be it with media, or new features. With saying that, I will post all the content and pages that where updated on the main page so users can see what is new without having to go through every page.

I still have no idea what I am going to be doing on the resources page so it will just be left blank for now. At the moment I am finishing up with the blog section as this post is going to hold template for setting it up. And then will come the photo pages, each of them I might add are very easy, just a lot of work. I will also we working out a commenting system for my blog posts, probably using a prebuilt one. Styling is not my strong suit so it going to probably be a little bit of a task, I somehow need to find a way to get my "creative juices" flowing as some may call it. I don't like animating my page with JavaScript because I don't approve of it, so I am going to be doing all of my styles with CSS. Maybe I might try a derivative of it in the future when I want to learn a new syntax (not that it's hard or anything.)

Other than that, that's really all this website is going to be. There really isn't that much in making a blog from scratch!
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